Mission and Goals


As scholars and educators in information science, we focus on the intersection of people, information and technology. Through systematic, innovative and impactful research, we advance the knowledge and practice of information management, access and use. We create exceptional learning opportunities and collaborate with our diverse local and global communities to transform the information world. This mission supports and advances the missions of the State University of New York, the University at Buffalo, and the Graduate School of Education.


  1. Graduates demonstrate theoretical and conceptual understanding of information science, including the creation, representation, organization, retrieval, dissemination, use, and curation of information.
  2. Graduates apply disciplinary knowledge and skills required in diverse information contexts.
  3. Graduates demonstrate professional competences, including leadership, critical and analytical thinking, research, communication, collaboration, reflective practice, and ethical adherence.
  4. Graduates demonstrate the values, attitudes, and behaviors associated with the roles and responsibilities of information and library professionals.

Revised 3/28/2017; Approved 4/25/2017; Effective 8/28/2017; Revised 4/4/2018